Carole D.
  • D D.
  • Santa Barbara, CA
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I'm a fan, woot! Don't be fooled by this humble store's appearance, the owner was very kind to me. I went in for a battery warranty issue. They put it on their charger for an hour and test the battery, which actually ended up being good. I'd never done that before and I had a lot of questions. While the owner/manager was not there when I picked up the battery, he telephoned me the next day to check up on me and answer any questions I had. And explained to me the many ways the battery could have gotten charged down - especially during this Covid-19 time when I haven't been driving it around. I just thought that was very kind of him to take the time. Complete opposite of my experience with my local Carquest contractor in Lompoc.
Carole D.
  • Erik S.
  • Santa Barbara, CA
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First class service and support. A solid local business in Goleta for decades.
Carole D.
  • Dani G.
  • Goleta, CA
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Very knowledgeable and helpful. Needed new windshield wipers, and they came out and took them off my car, found the right replacement blade, and put them back on my car. Will definitely be back.
Carole D.
So knowledgable and helpful! I had ordered the same part for my jeep 3 times; once on amazon and twice with O' Reily's and none of them fit properly despite being the correct part for my year, make, model. Despite being for a different year, Richard was able to track down the correct part for me by matching the old one and ordered it for me. The part came in but didn't come with the wiring harness we thought it would so Philip spliced the old wires to the new for me, in addition he tracked down the manufacturer to ensure everything would work for me. So so grateful to these guys and this store. This is the only place that could help me using their experience and knowledge. They have a friendly environment and are sincere with their customers, thank you guys.
R R.
  • Jim H.
  • Goleta, CA
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I have been to a lot of auto parts stores in SB and Goleta but this is my top choice (even when it is out of the way). The customer service is unmatched and the guys working there dish up a good deal of expertise with a side of dry humor. I always feel like they are working to get me the best value and never an up sell. Also, this is the place to get your new wipers. They carry refill blades so no need to waste your money and create trash by replacing the whole unit. Win:Win! If you need, they will even help you get them off and on the car. I highly recommend this shop!!!


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