Eva N.
  • Neal T.
  • Lawndale, CA
  • 0 friends
  • 7 reviews

Friendly helpful and will loan you tools if you need them. Got the part I needed installed and out the door no troubles in under 15 minutes. They have a nice selection of tools and parts and if you're looking for Carquest and see all the Larry Rv parts don't worry you are in the right place.

Eva N.
  • Ed S.
  • St. Charles, IL
  • 7 friends
  • 126 reviews

I noticed my headlight was out and one of my wiper blades was in bad condition so I looked for an auto parts place and this joint popped up. It's old-school, small town flavor. Super friendly guy that was quick to offer help and fill my order. Comparable prices to other stores. Sometimes people don't leave reviews when they have a good experience, you only hear the bad. But this place is nothing but A+ all the way! Convenient street parking on the front and side too. By the way, it's called "Larrys Auto" on their big sign, so if you don't see a traditional Carquest sign that's why.

Eva N.

These guys are awesome! This is a legitimate old school auto parts shop. They're also super helpful and extremely knowledgeable. This is always my first stop for parts. Would definitely recommend.

Eva N.
  • Ari H.
  • Goleta, CA
  • 6 friends
  • 35 reviews

These guys are fantastic with a great sense of humor. Went in with a bad battery to get it replaced, but instead of just gladly taking my money, they took the time to check to make sure I needed one. Sure enough I did, but still, you don't get service like that any more. I bought my last battery from them and now I remember why. Can't say enough about the place.

Eva N.

I just bought a turn signal bulb here. The man that helped me was kind, funny, informative, and fair. Parking can be kind of a pain here if you go when it's busy, but I will definitely be back here for any car stuff I need!

Eva N.
  • Maya S.
  • Goleta, CA
  • 2 friends
  • 4 reviews

Amazing service. Needed new wipers. Staff came outside, took off my wipers (including small back window) and replaced wipers not the entire blade, which I appreciated because that saves me money and waste! Lovely shop and make you feel heard and taken care of. Wipers work great in rain.


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