Eva N.
  • Ed S.
  • St. Charles, IL
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I noticed my headlight was out and one of my wiper blades was in bad condition so I looked for an auto parts place and this joint popped up. It's old-school, small town flavor. Super friendly guy that was quick to offer help and fill my order. Comparable prices to other stores. Sometimes people don't leave reviews when they have a good experience, you only hear the bad. But this place is nothing but A+ all the way! Convenient street parking on the front and side too. By the way, it's called "Larrys Auto" on their big sign, so if you don't see a traditional Carquest sign that's why.

Eva N.
  • Brian C.
  • Goleta, CA
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  • 8 reviews

These guys are awesome! This is a legitimate old school auto parts shop. They're also super helpful and extremely knowledgeable. This is always my first stop for parts. Would definitely recommend.

Eva N.
  • Ari H.
  • Goleta, CA
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  • 35 reviews

These guys are fantastic with a great sense of humor. Went in with a bad battery to get it replaced, but instead of just gladly taking my money, they took the time to check to make sure I needed one. Sure enough I did, but still, you don't get service like that any more. I bought my last battery from them and now I remember why. Can't say enough about the place.

Eva N.

I just bought a turn signal bulb here. The man that helped me was kind, funny, informative, and fair. Parking can be kind of a pain here if you go when it's busy, but I will definitely be back here for any car stuff I need!

Eva N.
  • Maya S.
  • Goleta, CA
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Amazing service. Needed new wipers. Staff came outside, took off my wipers (including small back window) and replaced wipers not the entire blade, which I appreciated because that saves me money and waste! Lovely shop and make you feel heard and taken care of. Wipers work great in rain.

Eva N.

Larry's Auto Parts Store is the best of the best. The staff is very helpful and friendly. For example if you can't change your wipers they will install them. If you don't have all the tools to change your battery or other small task on site they will loan them to you. If they don't have the part they can get it in a couple of days. But don't get me wrong they almost always have the part you need

For the best staff and service go to Larry's

Tye G.

  • Tye G.
  • Santa Barbara, CA
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Visit Mike. He's a really laid back, helpful guy. I was replacing a battery in my car and called Larrys. He was very helpful in the phone and when I got there, he made sure to help me out. I didn't have any tools to change out u current battery and Mike lent me the tools to get the job done.

I highly recommend these guys.

Eva N.
  • Eva N.
  • Goleta, CA
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  • 10 reviews

The employees were so helpful. They asked me if I needed help as soon as I walked in the door. They also kindly answered all my questions. One employee even assisted me with putting on a screw for my license plate.

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The best auto parts store ever. The staff are super friendly and genuinely want to help you take care of your problem at the lowest cost and the simplest execution.

I usually have my windshield wipers replaced here. They just exchange the rubber piece so it costs significantly less than the whole assembly. Plus they come out to your car and take them off for you...then install the new ones.

Larry's is the real deal and a great local place to get parts.

Tim A.
  • Tim A.
  • Santa Barbara, CA
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Very helpfull and people that know what they are talking about. They had a part in stock at a good price, that no one else had. Open 7 days!


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